Engineering: Crack the Code!

Chalk drawing by Elizabeth Kramer, Class of 2015

How many corners of an ice cube in water will
be atop the water's surface?
Read the solution.

What makes Swarthmore's Engineering program unique?

First, when you major in Engineering at Swarthmore, your studies are integrated into our liberal arts curriculum. This means that if you love playing the French horn as much as you love programming robots, you can pursue both of these passions. About half of Swarthmore's Engineering students choose to double major, in fields as diverse as Environmental Studies, Philosophy, Art, Linguistics, and Music. You don't need to give up an interest in Political Science, Psychology, or Biology to focus on Engineering. In fact, our approach to liberal arts education supports this cross-pollination of studies, because we feel it helps you develop stronger problem-solving skills and the ability to synthesize concepts. At Swarthmore, your understanding of other subjects makes you a better engineer.

Next, Swarthmore professors are here because they truly enjoy teaching undergraduates like you. As a Swarthmore Engineering student, you have access to amazing research opportunities, either as part of your professor's existing studies, or for a new project you've created yourself. Some examples of recent student research projects include: solar tracking systems, gesture-controlled virtual reality desktops, autonomous flight systems, alternative actuators for braille devices, and Bluetooth range extenders for audio devices. Swarthmore's size and committment to undergraduate education mean that you won't need to wait for graduate school to explore your ideas in a meaningful way. In addition, you'll work collaboratively with your classmates in a variety of labs: hybrid electric vehicle, robotics, audio acoustics, environmental, computer, and quantum electronics, to name just a few.

Finally, whether you choose to progress directly to graduate school, or opt to enter the workforce after college, Swarthmore's Engineering program will prepare you for success in a range of different paths. The top four schools to accept Swarthmore Engineering graduates are the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, and the University of California at Berkeley. Representative employers include the American Museum of Natural History, AT&T, Deutsche Bank, DuPont, Google, Honeywell, Intel, Motorola, Oracle, Rockwell Semiconductor, Samsung, and the U.S. Navy.


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