Brennan Klein '13

Brennan Klein (2013)
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
Major/Minor: Psychology and Cognitive Science 


Men's Club Soccer, Large Scale Events Committee, TOPSoccer (once a week, we play soccer games with developmentally and physically disabled kids from the area), Psychology and Perception Research


People, people interacting with people, well made movies, thinking about thinking


Why Swat:

Swarthmore is a haven for those who cannot hold back their inner curiosity. It is a place where asking questions is legitimately encouraged. Most importantly, you will gain an immeasurable amount of knowledge here.

Favorite Class:

Quantum Physics in Search of Reality, Social Psychology, or Theories and Representations of the Orgasm (yes, that's a class here)

Favorite place on campus:

The Crum woods. Or the Amphitheater. Actually, Parrish beach. No, the Arboretum.

What do you wish you knew about applying to colleges:

I wish I heard about more firsthand experiences from students. Not just about classes but about social lives, sports, and campus events. The truth is, I knew very little when applying to college, but knowing what I know now, I'd definitely still come to Swat.

Post Swat Plans:

Hopefully stay on campus and do Psychology research. After that, I want to go WWOOFing in Fiji or Estonia or Lithuania or Iceland for a couple weeks--basically I just want to travel.