Alexandra Willingham '15


San Francisco Bay Area, CA


Honors History major, Honors Political Science, Chinese minor


Grapevine - women's a cappella (director); Women's club soccer; tour guide; Admissions Committee member; reproductive rights advocate; traveling (abroad Spring 2014) 


Why Swat:

The intellectual vibrancy, strong community and quirky sense of humor! 

Favorite Class:

History of the Modern Middle East

Remarks on Swatties:

Swatties are very diverse in interests and personality, but are united by their supportiveness and their interest in what they're doing (as well as the sense of humor I mentioned above!) We're also very active, packing in work, multiple extracurriculars and fun; in any of these everyone is avidly pursuing their own interests without forgetting to also support their friends. 

Favorite place on campus:

That's a tie between the beautiful amphitheater and the swing on the way from Sharples to the athletic facilities.

Post-Swat plans: 

Improving my Mandarin by working at the embassy in Beijing and then law school (the dream is either reproductive rights litigation or prosecuting white collar crime).