Navajo Language Academy, Inc.

1999 Navajo Language Institute

Rehoboth, NM

July 5-August 5, 1999


Linda Platero, Director

Schedule of classes

Introduction to Linguistics


Language Acquisition


Course and Curriculum Development


Navajo Language Research


Lab session


Graduate or undergraduate credit for courses is provided by the University of New Mexico.
Classes meet Monday through Thursday. Fridays are for studying, research, and working together.  
The lab session is part of every course. Students must attend the lab for 45 minutes for each course they take.
Our courses are intensive, condensed into a five-week period. Therefore, we do not recommend that students enroll in more than 
two courses each. 
In addition to the regularly scheduled activities, there will be guest lectures and discussions from time to time on topics relevant to 
language teaching and linguistic theory.

Instructors, Staff, and Visiting Scholars


Leonard Faltz, Arizona State University

Navajo Language Research

Ted Fernald, Swarthmore College

Navajo Language Research

Ken Hale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Navajo Language Research

Lorene B. Legah, Dine College, Window Rock

Course and Curriculum Development

Joyce McDonough, University of Rochester

Language Acquisition/Introduction to Linguistics

Linda Platero, Window Rock

Workshop Director

Ellavina Perkins, Flagstaff Public Schools

Course and Curriculum Development

Bill Poser, Carrier language specialist

Research consultant

Carlota S. Smith, University of Texas, Austin

Language Acquisition

Peggy Speas, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Intro to Linguistics/NavajoLanguage Research

MaryAnn Willie, University of Arizona

Introduction to Linguistics

All instructors and visiting scholars are available to consult with students about research projects.

Colloquia and Discussions

July 13 Bill Poser: Carrier nouns

July 14 Lillie Lane: Ethical approaches to collecting oral information

July 19 Jefferson Clauschee: Reversing language shift

July 21 Raymond Jim, practitioner

July 28 Madeline Chavez, practitioner

We are grateful to the Navajo Nation Council and the Committee of Diné Education for funding this Institute.