Navajo Language Academy

Summer Workshop

Swarthmore College

July 2000

Participants (click for a picture)

John Alderete, UBC/Swarthmore College

Leonard Faltz, Arizona State University

Ted Fernald, Swarthmore College

Ken Hale, MIT

Nicole Horseherder, Hard Rock Chapter, Arizona

Lorene B. Legah, Dine College, Window Rock, AZ

Alyse Neundorf, University of New Mexico, Gallup

Ellavina Tsosie Perkins, Flagstaff, AZ

Linda Platero, Canoncito, NM

Paul Platero, Canoncity, NM

Irene Silentman, Navajo Language Project, Window Rock, AZ

Margaret Speas, UMass, Amherst


The proceedings of this workshop are available now.


We are grateful to the The Lingusitic Society of America and to Swarthmore College for funding this workshop.