Navajo Language Academy
2003 Summer Linguistics Workshop for Navajo Language Teachers and Scholars


July 7-25, 2003
Rehoboth, New Mexico

Daily schedule

9-12 Course: Syntax

1-3 Inservices and presentations by language scholars
3:15-5 Discussions and group research

Introduction to Syntax with emphasis on Navajo
This is an introduction to the scientific study of the sentence structure languages in general and Navajo in particular. Students will complete homework assignments and a project analyzing some aspect of Navajo syntax.

Basic Linguistics
The Structure of the Navajo Verb
Teaching the Verb
Designing lesson plans

Presentations: Linguists who study Navajo and other Athabaskan languages will present their research.

Discussions: Last year we had discussions about reference materials and teaching challenges. This year we will continue to propose topics that are relevant to workshop participants.