NLA 2009 Fees and Financial Assistance

Fees: The instructional fee for the workshop is $300. However, NLA has a sliding scale. If you teach in a school, we ask that you ask your employer to support you at the workshop. However, if you cannot affort the instructional fee, do not let that keep you away! Request a fee waiver on the registration form, and make any contribution that you can. If you are able to pay the fee, it means the NLA will be able to pay a stipend to someone else who needs it.

Tuition for credit with Diné College is optionally available at an additional cost. Unfortunately the NLA cannot provide financial assistance with this.

Stipends: The NLA has some funds available to grant stipends of up to $100 per week. If you need a stipend in order to participate, please indicate this on the registration form.

Housing: Housing for the workshop is available at Diné College in Tsaile at a rate of $35 per day, or $700 for the workshop. Limited financial assistance is available. (See the registration form)

Food: Meals at the Diné College cafeteria cost $5.50 each. The closest restaurants are a half hour drive away in Chinle.


Support the NLA: If you are able to make a contribution to the NLA or even pay a portion of the fees, it means the NLA will have money to give support another participant who needs it. Click here.