2005 NLA Workshop Schedule
July 6-26

8:30-10:00 **Verb Structure (Faltz)
10:15-11:45 Language Teaching (Silentman)

11:45-1:0 Lunch

1:00-2:30 Phonology (Poser)
2:45-4:15 Advanced Topics (Perkins & Fernald)


Course credit is available through Northern Arizona University. You can sign up to receive up to 4 credit hours with graduate non-degree status. If you opt to receive graduate non-degree credit then you will need to fill out the non-degree status form for the University and pay the $11.00 fee. These credit hours can also be applied toward certification and bilingual endorsement.

NAU was generous enough to give us a good deal for college credits. They are charging us $78.00 per credit unit with a maximum of 4 credit units. This is half the normal cost! So, if you want to take 4 credit units then the total amount is $312.00 in addition to paying the application to NAU graduate school of $ 11.00.