UPDATE ON NLA HOUSING 2005   as of June 15, 2005

(A message from Irene Silentman)

PLEASE stay with the roommate I assigned you.  This is easier on the resident hall people.  They have the list already.  When you check in they will look at the list and give you a room using the list.  DO NOT CHANGE ROOMMATES, PLEASE.

Regarding the housing form that everyone has to fill out.  Louise says DO NOT send this form in.  She will collect them at our first meeting.  She wants to keep them all together.  I am sending you this form to fill out.  I tried downloading it off the Internet but it’s not working.  PLEASE bring them in filled out with you on our first meeting date on July 6.  As for the $25.00 deposit fee for everyone, THIS FEE HAS BEEN PAID BY LOUISE FOR THOSE PEOPLE ON THE LIST FOR THE 20 ROOMS.  DO NOT SEND THE $25.00 NON-REFUNDABLE FEE IN.  It has been paid for everyone on the list with a dorm room. 

Your room key will be given to you when you sign in at the front desk of the dorm.  One key per person, PLEASE. 

Sheets, Blankets – it gets a little cool even in the summer – light blankets will do, Towels, Pillows, coffee maker, cups, radio, clock, small tv?? and so on.  One thing you cannot bring is an animal – NO ANIMALS!!  

My understanding is that linen is available upon request when checking in BUT THERE IS AN EXTRA CHARGE.  You would have to pay for this yourself.  It is best to bring your own.

Again, take the person you’re assigned to for the roommate.  Get to know somebody else.  After all, this is also about getting to know other people in your profession.  Again, your room key will be given to you when you check in.   You will need to show an ID when you check in and also for the key.  These are all normal things that people ask for when you stay in the dormitory.  Check in time is one day prior to the opening of the workshop, e.g., July 5.

The front doors are locked between 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.  It’s not true that the doors are open 24 hours.

There are kitchen facilities in the dorm.  These facilities are located on the 2nd floor below the lobby.  There is Kitchen A located in Conference room A and Kitchen B located in Conference room B.  Almost all the time one or the other is available UNLESS the conference rooms are being used.  In such cases a sign will indicate this.  You will need to GET THE KITCHEN DOOR KEY FROM THE FRONT DESK IN ORDER TO USE THE KITCHEN.  An ID will be required to get the key.  Some dishes are available but it’s best to bring your own since there are a few of them.

Info pertaining to Eating Places.  Louise says there is a barbecue with a picnic table outside the education building where we can hold an evening barbecue. The Union has several options for meals. "Dining Dollars" works best. Students add dollars to their ID cards which they can use at any cafeteria, Starbucks, etc. at any time.

Is INTERNET available in the rooms?  The front desk person said yes, but it is difficult to do.  She says it’s the dial up type (you have to connect to your phone line) and you have to have a modem in your computer.  She also says Ethernet is possible but it’s difficult to do.  She indicated you have to have high tech knowledge to get all this set up in your room.  I didn’t really understand since I don’t know much about of such high technology.  On the other hand, she says there is a computer with INTERNET set up next to the front desk in the lobby.  One can always use that.  Cline Library also has computers with Internet access (the library is located right next (north) to the education building where our classes will be held).

7.What about parking?  There are some street parking spaces that are free.  These are not marked.  They are several blocks from the dorm.  You have to go looking yourself.  Remember summer school will be going on so you will compete with the students for parking.  You could also buy a parking sticker to park in a specified area.  This will cost $30.00.  We can take care of parking at our first meeting day.  Again, you will have to take care of this yourself.  NLA regrets that they will not do this for you.  B4eso 1din.

8.NO FAMILY MEMBERS, PLEASE.  We have limited space as it is, so PLEASE leave your kids at home with someoneWe DO NOT provide babysitting services either.

What else did I forget???

We will meet in Room 174 in the Education bldg. which is located in the middle of the building on July 6 at 8:00 a.m.  Coffee will be available in that room.

Please Note: For that someone coming in to the airport you might take the airport shuttle BUT THE SHUTTLE WILL ARRIVE AT THE TRAIN STATION.  Be aware of that.  However, the dorm is within walking distance north from there.  Just walk down on San Francisco Street north until you get to Franklin Street.  Turn left and up the hill a little.  You will see the Mountain View dorm on the north side of the street.

Louise Lockard has an office in the College of Education Bldg. #27, room 174.  She’ll be there on July 5 & 6 but she teaches from 10 to 3 pm daily.  You can leave a message for her if you need to get in touch with her.  Her phone number is 928.523.8218.  Ted Fernald should also be there on July 5.