History 8b

Modern Africa

Fall 1998

Professor Burke

MWF 9:30-10:20




Friday September 4



Monday September 7

Discussion: Documentary Glimpses I
Assignment: All the material under the heading Documentary Glimpses I.


Wednesday September 9

Discussion: Documentary Glimpses II
Assignment: All the material under the heading Documentary Glimpses II.



Friday September 11

Lecture: The Era of 'Legitimate Commerce' and the End of the Slave Trade


Monday September 14

Discussion: Exploration and Conquest
Assignment: Henry Morton Stanley, Through the Dark Continent, Volume II, all


Wednesday September 16

Lecture: The 'Scramble' for Africa



Friday September 18

Lecture: African Resistance to Conquest

Monday September 21

Lecture: Missionaries
Assignment: 3-4 page paper due.

"Does Stanley's account provide any useful insight into the internal workings of the African societies which he encounters? Can his narrative be used to discuss the motivations, worldview or objectives of African actors? If so, in what ways might you use it to do so? If not, why not? Use specific examples from the text to support your arguments."


Wednesday September 23

Discussion: Missionaries
Assignment: All the material under the heading Missionary Documents.



Friday September 25

Lecture: The Establishment of the the Colonial State


Monday September 28

Lecture: Indirect Rule


Wednesday September 30

Discussion: Indirect Rule and Colonial Power
Assignment: All the material under the heading The Dual Mandate in Tropical Africa.



Friday October 2


African Studies Workshop, University of Pennsylvania

(Students encouraged to attend.)


Monday October 5

Lecture: Cocoa, Cotton and Rubber

Wednesday October 7

Lecture: Mines and Miners


Friday October 9






Monday October 19

Discussion: White People
Assignment: All materials under the heading White People.


Wednesday October 21

Discussion: Rooiyard
Assignment: All materials under the heading Rooiyard.


Friday October 23

Lecture: Negritude and the Atlantic World


Monday October 26

Discussion: Ambiguous Adventure
Assignment: Cheikh Hamidou Kane, Ambiguous Adventure, all.


Wednesday October 28

Discussion: David Gurupira's Plea
Assignment: All the materials under the heading Gurupira.


Friday October 29

Discussion: Witchfinding and Witchcraft
Assignment: All the materials under the heading Witchcraft.


Monday November 2

Discussion: Not Either an Experimental Doll
Assignment: Not Either an Experimental Doll , all


Wednesday November 4

Discussion: Court Cases
Assignment: All materials under the heading Court Cases.


Assignment: 3-4 page paper due.

Choose one of the following two topics.

1. Are the varying motives, perspectives and roles of the various Europeans encountered so far (Stanley, Lugard, the missionaries, Leopold, the various individuals in White People, Ellen Hellman) of any real significance? Are any of the differences between them meaningful, or were they all more or less supporters of colonialism?


2. Compare African experiences with education in Ambiguous Adventure and Not Either an Experimental Doll . What do the individuals portrayed in these two sources, one a novel and the other a set of real letters between real individuals, expect from education? What do they find? What do the fates of the students suggest about the nature of education in colonial society? How inevitable are these fates?


Friday November 6

Discussion: "Afrique Je Te Plumerai"
Assignment: Attend screening of "Afrique Je Te Plumerai".


Monday November 9

Discussion: The Gunny Sack
Assignment: The Gunny Sack, all


Wednesday November 11

Discussion: "Mister Johnson"
Assignment: Attend the screening of the film "Mister Johnson". (Time TBA)


Friday November 13 




Monday November 16

Lecture: Imperial Authority Before and After 1945


Wednesday November 18

Lecture: The Origins and Spread of Nationalist Activism
Assignment: Identification. Find a single term or concept which you have learned to define or describe in the course of the semester. Write a one to two paragraph identification of this term.


Friday November 20

Lecture: Worker Protests and Millennial Movements: Other Challenges to Colonial Rule


Monday November 23

Discussion: "Lumumba: La Mort du Prophete"
Assignment: Attend a screening of the film "Lumumba: La Mort du Prophete". (SHOWN SUNDAY NIGHT, NOVEMBER 22, 7-9 PM in TROTTER 203)


Wednesday November 25

Discussion: Nationalism and its Discontents
Assignment: Read all materials under the heading Nationalism.

Assignment: Essay Question. Write an essay question based on the work we have done so far in the course. Then write two outlines mapping out two different arguments in response to your question. 





Monday November 30

Lecture: Raising the Flag: Postcolonial Politics, Postcolonial Societies


Tuesday December 1

Showing of "Basi and Company", 7-8 pm, Trotter 203.


Wednesday December 2

Discussion: Robert Kaplan, "The Coming Anarchy"
Assignment: Read this article and also these supporting materials.

Assignment: Write a one-page response to Kaplan's article.


Thursday December 3

Talk: David Bunn, University of the Western Cape, "Waterhole Work: Drought and Photography in the Kruger National Park". 4:15 pm, Trotter 203.


Friday December 4

Discussion: Invisible Governance

Assignment: Read Invisible Governance, all


Monday December 7

Lecture: From Juju Music to the WaBenzi: Culture and Society in Postcolonial Africa
Assignment: See videotape of "Basi & Company". (Shown Tuesday December 1, 7-8 pm.)


Wednesday December 9

Discussion: No Mercy
Assignment: Read No Mercy, as much as possible.