Professor Stephen S. Golub

Department of Economics
Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, PA 19081

Office Phone: (610) 328-8103


Econ 1 - Introduction to Economics (Link to course reading list)
Econ 53 - International Political Economy (Link to seminar reading list)
Econ 151 - International Economics Seminar (Link to seminar reading list)


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Recent papers:

“How Low are Chinese Labor Costs in Manufacturing?” (with Janet Ceglowski), submitted for publication. Link to paper

“Measures of Restrictions on Inward Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries,” report to UNCTAD.  Link to paper

"South Africa’s International Cost Competitiveness and Exports in Manufacturing" (with Lawrence Edwards), World Development, August 2004. Link to paper

“International Productivity Differences, Infrastructure, and Comparative Advantage,” with Stephen Yeaple, forthcoming, Review of International Economics, 2006. Link to paper

"Policies and International Integration: Influences on Trade and Foreign Direct Investment", (with Giuseppe Nicoletti et al), OECD Economics Department Working Papers No. 359, June 2003. Link to paper

"Measures of restrictions on inward foreign direct investment for OECD countries", OECD Economics Department Working Papers No. 357, June 2003. Link to paper

"South African International Cost Competitiveness and Exports: A Sectoral Analysis" (with Lawrence Edwards), Trade & Industry Monitor, March 2003. Link to paper

"South African Productivity: An International Comparative Perspective" (with Lawrence Edwards), forthcoming, Trade & Industry Monitor, December 2002. Link to paper

"Obstacles and Opportunities for Senegal's International Competitiveness: Case Studies of the Peanut Oil, Fishing and Textile Industries" (with Ahmadou Aly Mbaye), World Bank Africa Region Working Paper Series No. 37, September 2002. Link to paper

"South African Real Exchange Rates and Manufacturing Competitiveness" (with Janet Ceglowski), South African Journal of Economics, September 2002. Link to paper

"Unit Labor Costs, International Competitiveness, and Exports: The Case of Senegal" (with Ahmadou Aly Mbaye), Journal of African Economies, May 2002. Link to paper

"South Africa's International Competitiveness: The Role of Labour Costs", Trade & Industry Monitor, December 2000. Link to paper

"South Africa’s International Cost Competitiveness", Trade and Industrial Policy Secretariat Working Paper, January 2000. Link to paper

"Are International Labor Standards Needed to Prevent Social Dumping?", Finance and Development, December 1997. Link to paper

"Towards a System of Multilateral Unit Labor Cost-Based Competitiveness Indicators for Advanced, Developing, and Transition Countries" (with Anthony G. Turner), IMF Working Paper No. 97/151, November 1997. Link to paper

"International Labor Standards and International Trade", IMF Working Paper No. 97/37, April 1997. Link to paper

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