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Books (chronological)

1928. Suicide. ( The University of Chicago Sociology Series. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1 > S McCabe HV6545 .C4 2 > B CanadayHV6545 .C27
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1962. Juvenile Delinquency: Development, Treatment, Control. (Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott, 1962) S McCabe HV9069 .C35
Articles (chronological)


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1984. "Public and Private Areas and the Survival of Communal Subsocieties." Journal of Voluntary Action Research 13: 46-58. [summary available Sociological Abstracts]
Coauthored Works
Cavan, Ruth Shonle, Ernest W. Burgess, H. Goldhamer, and R. J. Havighurst. 1949. Personal Adjustment in Old Age. Chicago: Science Research Associates. Reprinted, Ayer, 1979.
Cavan, Ruth Shonle, and Jordan T. Cavan. 1927. "The Attitude of Young Business Women Toward Home and Married Life." Religious Education 22 (October): 817-820. [Sw has 4-45 1910-1950]
_____1955. "World Trends in Criminology," Federal Probation 19 (December): 42-47.
_____1929. "Education and the Business Girl," Journal of Educational Sociology 3 (October): 83-93. [Tripod no]
_____1932. Building a Girl's Personality: A Social Psychology of Later Girlhood. (New York: Abingdon Press, 1932).
 _____1968. Delinquency and crime; cross-cultural perspectives (Philadelphia, Lippincott [1968] Cavan, Jordan True, 1891- joint author.1 > S McCabe HV9069 .C3
_____eds. 1971. "Intermarriage in a Comparative Perspective." Special issue. International Journal of Sociology of the Family 1 (May): 1-165. -
Cavan, Ruth Shonle, and Man Singh Das, eds.. Communes: Historical and Contemporary. New Delhi: Vikas, 1979)
Cavan, Ruth Shonle, and Theodore Ferdinand. Juvenile Delinquency. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1981.
Cavan, Ruth Shonle, and Katherine H. Ranck. 1938. The Family and the Depression. A Study of One Hundred Chicago Families. Social Science Studies, directed by the Social Science Research Committee of the University of Chicago, No.35. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Also (New York, Arno Press, 1971 [c1938]).1 > S McCabe HQ557.C5 C381971; > B CanadayHQ728 .C34; > B CanadayHQ728 .C35 c.2
Cavan, Ruth Shonle, and Eugene Zemans. 1958. "Marital Relationships of Prisoners in Twenty-eight Countries." Journal of Criminal Law, Criminology, and Police Science 49 (July-August): 133-139.
Levering, Johnson, Ruth Shonle Cavan; and Eugene S. Zemans. 1963. Chicago Police Lockups: A History of Reform in Police Handling of Persons in Detention, 1947- 1962. Chicago: John Howard Association.

Zemans, Eugene, and Ruth Shonle Cavan. 1958. "Marital Relationships of Prisoners." Journal of Criminal Law, Criminology, and Police Science 49 (May-June): 50-57.

Works about Cavan

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