American magazines and reviews from 1860 to 1920

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Andover Review (Boston).Monthly. Holdings: 1884-1893. Indexed: Poole's. A review of Christian attitudes on issues in the arts and politics, which shifted gradually from old-line Calvinism to a more liberal stance.
Arena (Boston, New York, Trenton) Monthly. Holdings: 1889-1909 Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide An advocate of social reform from a religious standpoint, and an early exponent of women's issues such as birth control.
Atlantic Monthly (Boston) Monthly. Holdings: 1857-present Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide Known chiefly as the greatest of the American literary magazines, although it included political opinion writing..
Century Magazine (New York) Monthly. Holdings: 1881-1930 Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide Best known for its extensive publication of Civil War memoirs, but also a source for fiction and
Chap-Book (Chicago, Cambridge). Semi-monthly. Holdings: 1894-1898 [Microfilm]. Published light literature, poetry and book notices.. .
Chautauquan (Meadville PA, Cleveland, New York). Monthly. Holdings: 1880-1914. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Started as a sort of text to buttress the educational and religious efforts of the Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle movement..
Country Life in America (Garden City NY). Monthly. Holdings: 1901-1942. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Life style writing for the yacht, polo pony, and estate set. Plenty of interesting advertising..
Debow's Review (New Orleans, Washington, Charleston, Columbia SC, Nashville). Monthly. Holdings: 1846-1880. Indexed: Poole's. A commercial and economic magazine of a practical bent, and espousing a Southern viewpoint on issues such as slavery and secession. Publication suspended 1870-1879.. .
Dial (Chicago, New York). Monthly. Holdings: 1880-1929. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. The most famous American vehicle for innovative literary criticism of English language fiction, and as a general forum for new trends in the world of the arts.
Douglass' Monthly (Rochester NY). Monthly. Holdings: 1859-1863. One of Frederick Douglass' several abolitionist publications.. .
Forum (New York). Monthly. Holdings: 1886-1930. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Intended as an arena in which experts on topics of current interest for reformers could debate; also published literature. Merged with Century Magazine in 1930.
Harper's (New Monthly) Magazine (New York). Monthly. 1850-1976. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Begun as an adjunct to Harper's book publishing; published British fiction in serial form. After World War I, it shifted from literature to an opinion format.
Harper's Weekly: A Journal of Civilization (New York). Weekly. Holdings: 1857-1913 (in closed stack). Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Best known for its illustrated reporting of the Civil War and for Thomas Nast's political cartoons. Included news, essays and fiction. A conservative but reform-minded journal.
Life (New York). Weekly. Holdings: 1883-1918. Founded as a picture and humor magazine, with roots in the Harvard Lampoon; the venue of the famous Gibson girl illustrations. It shares only its name with the Time, Inc., version of Life which began publication in 1936.
Lippincott's (Monthly) Magazine (Philadelphia, New York). Monthly. Holdings: 1868-1894, 1895-1916. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Convservative in taste but always high in quality, it published complete novels as well as travel material.
Literary Digest (New York). Weekly. Holdings: 1891, 1895-1938. Indexed: Reader's Guide. Started as a digest of reprinted articles, but grew into the country's leading news magazine in the days before Time. Known for its pioneering work with opinion polls.
Living Age (Littell's Living Age) (Boston). Weekly; monthly from 1927. Holdings: 1844-1941. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Primarily reprintings of serious British non-fiction; included some second-rank fiction.
McClure's Magazine (New York). Monthly. Holdings: 1893-1929 [Microfilm]. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Fiction, biographies, current news, science and affairs.
Nation (New York). Weekly. Holdings: 1865-present. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Founded as a medium in which leading scholars could press for social improvements; always progressive, sometimes socialist. Small in circulation but read in influential circles.
National Geographic Magazine (Washington). Monthly. Holdings: 1905-present. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. A vehicle for popularization of science and geographic knowledge. A leader in the use of photographic illustration, including very early use of color.
New York Times (New York). Daily. Holdings: 1851-present [Microfilm]. Indexed: New York Times Index. The best known of the New York dailies, which has grown in stature over the years from rather mundane beginnings.
North American Review (Boston, New York). Variable. Holdings: 1815-1974. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Started as a hobby by some young Bostonians, it became America's leading literary and political magazine, which consistently addressed the main issues of the day.
Outlook (New Outlook) (New York). Weekly. Holdings: 1897-1928. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Begun as a Christian family magazine, printing fiction and sermons, it later was active in muckraking and provided an outlet for pronouncements by Theodore Roosevelt.
Review of Reviews (American Review of Reviews) (New York). Monthly. Holdings: 1891-1928. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Begun as a spin-off of a British publication, it moved from reprinting condensed material to covering world news.. .
Scribner's Magazine (New York). Monthly. Holdings: 1887-1939. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. A "general" magazine which maintained a high standard in content on public affairs, art and literature. Frequently published important original fiction.
Scribner's Monthly (New York). Monthly. Holdings: 1870-1881. Indexed: Poole's. Serialized fiction, light verse and topical essays. Merged with Century Magazine.. .
South Atlantic Quarterly (Durham NC). Quarterly. Holdings: 1902-present. Indexed: Poole's. A liberal Southern publication, which campaigned against segregation and the South's backwardness in areas such as education. Literary matters were also included..
Travel (New York). Monthly. Holdings: 1906-1945. An illustrated presentation of world travel information.. .
World's Work (New York). Monthly. Holdings: 1900-1932. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. Devoted to national and international news, rather than literature. Generally conservative in tone, but reformist and engaged at times in muckraking.. .
Yale Review (New Haven). Quarterly. Holdings: 1892-present. Indexed: Poole's, Reader's Guide. A conservative review which often drew on the talents of the Yale faculty.
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Compiled and annotated by Steven Sowards, Humanities Librarian, Swarthmore College, ca 1990. Modified and reformated by Robert Bannister, 10/95. See also "Scholarly Journals 1860-1920."

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