Introduction to basic concepts and methods used in evaluating environmental benefits and costs and in assessing mechanisms for allocating environmental resources among present and future uses, with due attention to seemingly non-economic concerns. Specific topics include pollution and environmental degradation; use of exhaustible and renewable resources; management of air, water, and energy resources; sustainable economic growth; and international resource management.

This course may be counted toward concentrations in Environmental Studies and Public Policy.

Econ 1 is required pre-requisite; Econ 11 is recommended pre-requisite; BUT students who have not taken Econ 11 are encouraged to take the course -- every effort is made to assure that they suffer no ill consequences from not having taken Econ 11.


Appearing below are links to the course materials (syllabi, paper assignments, and exams) used for the course in the Spring of 2000 & 2002 as well as 2003 & 2004. The materials from the later years are not that much changed from those used in the earlier years; even so, they are better presented separately. Course materials are provided here to give students who might be thinking about taking the course some idea of its content and conduct, the general nature of which is unchanging. However, the specifics change to some degree every time the course is taught, this to maintain its timeliness and to realize continuing improvement.


Spring 2003, 2004

Spring 2000, 2002


Ocean Conservancy


Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research

Environmental Defense

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