Recent Work

1. The Grammar of Repetition: Nupe Grammar at the Syntax-Phonology Interface.
John Benjamins Publishing Company. Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today 136.
[promotional leaflet]
2. Syntax: Theory, Problems, Progress (with Donna Jo Napoli). Book manuscript in preparation. Under contract with Oxford University Press.
3. Phono-syntactic Alignment: A Case Study from Twi Do-insertion. Under review. [pdf]
4. How Why is Different: Wh-in-situ in Krachi. To appear in Snippets 23. [pdf]
5. Embracing Edges: Syntactic and Phono-syntactic Edge Sensitivity in Nupe. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 27.2: 305-344. [pdf]
6. Externalization and Emergence: On the Status of Parameters in the Minimalist Program. Biolinguistics 3.1: 94-99. [pdf]
7. Third Tone Patterns in Mandarin Chinese: A New Perspective. (with Vera Lee-Schoenfeld) In Proceedings of WCCFL 27: Poster Session. [pdf]
8. Sandhi Sans Derivation: Third Tone Patterns in Mandarin Chinese. (with Vera Lee-Schoenfeld) In Proceedings of Penn Linguistics Colloquium 32. [pdf]
9. On the Incompatibility of Feature Inheritance and the PIC. Ms. [pdf]
10. On Edge Features and Perfect Extraction. In Proceedings of WCCFL 26. [pdf]
11. On Fusion and Multiple Copy Spell-Out. In Norbert Corver and Jairo Nunes (eds.) The Copy Theory of Movement, 119-150. John Benjamins Publishing Company. [pdf]
12. Comp-trace Effects Explained Away. Proceedings of WCCFL 25. [pdf]
13. Fusion and PF Architecture. Proceedings of PLC 30. [pdf]
14. On Directionality and the Structure of the Verb Phrase: Evidence from Nupe. Syntax 6: 115-155. (with Mark Baker) [pdf]
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