John D. Alderete

Department of Linguistics
Swarthmore College
118 Pearson
Swarthmore PA, 19081

Office: 102 Pearson
Phone: (610) 690-6863
Fax: (610) 328-7323

Ling 45: Phonetics & Phonology

Ling 105:  Optimality Theory
Classroom:  Pearson 118
Time:  Tues 4-6:45
Office Hours:  M 4-5, or appt.

Photo:  me at Eddontenajon Lake, 
     British Columbia, June 2000


I have a variety of interests in theoretical phonology and morphology, especially in the ways these
two modules interact with each other. Working in Optimality Theory, my research has argued that
this type of interactionism follows from the assumption that phonological and morphological
constraints may interact with each other directly in a grammar.  My dissertation develops
this argument by proposing a set of morphological constraints for accentual systems; pitting these
constraints against the phonological constraints on accent defines a typology of morpho-accentual
processes.  More recently, I have been working on the role of morphological structures in the phonology
of the Athabaskan language Tahltan, a critically endangered language of northwest British Columbia.

Recent Stuff

For more publications, and background on my research and teaching, check out my CV (.pdf file).


MRPG: Word Domains in Athabaskan (2001-2002)
Part II in long term research program on Athabaskan verb structures, with special focus on Navajo and Tahltan.

Morphological and Prosodic Structures in Tahltan (1999-2000)
Support for research designed to test hypotheses about the nature of prosodic structures in Tahltan.