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Lab Research Focus:

The perception lab at Swarthmore studies a number of issues related to perception and cognition. A chief focus of research is the study of the visual representation of properties of texture distribution as revealed by texture-density adaptation (e.g., Durgin, 1995). The lab is also much engaged in the study of other kinds of calibratory processes, such as stereoscopic depth constancy in naturalistic environments, intersensory facilitation, perceptual-motor adaptation in response to altered visual flow, and implicit learning in active vision. Our focus on the everyday illusion of direct perceptual experience revealed by these kinds of investigations means that we are interested in ways that the perceptual systems tune themselves to the environment as well as in the constructive nature of certain aspects of conscious experience. Studies of the phenomenon of perceptual filling-in, broadly construed, include investigations of metacontrast masking, blind-spot interpolation (and peripheral interpolation more generally), the illusory filling-in of visual detail, and anomalies of spatio-temporal integration (e.g., the rubber pencil illusion).

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Research Personnel (Summer 99):


  • Liz Derickson '01, Research Assistant
    Major: Psychology
    Summer Project: Face Recognition and Snood

  • Olga Dvornikova, Research Assistant, High School
    Summer Project: Blind Spot/Motion After Effect

  • Alexis Earl, Research Assistant, High School
    Summer Project: Where's Waldo

  • Julie Kennedy '00, Programmer/Research Assistant
    Major: Biochemistry
    Summer Project: Stroop Effect

  • Jed "i" Lewis '00, Research Assistant
    Major: Psychobiology
    Summer Project: Motion Perception & Optic Flow

  • Michael Waddington '00, Research Assistant
    Major: Psychobiology
    Summer Projects: Phantom Limb, Stroop Effect

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