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Cathy Wareham

As the proposed Project Manager, Mrs. Catherine Wareham (A.S., Wesley College) will work closely with the Project Director in the day-to-day management of the initiative. More specifically, she serve as the key "bridge" to a variety of other stakeholders, including residents and representatives from community and local organizations. Mrs. Wareham was selected for this project because she brings the right level of skills, due diligence, attention to detail, and leadership to this critical role. During her more than 12 years at Swarthmore College, she has worked in supervisory positions on the research projects of several professors. Through that work not only was she was able to collect, interpret, synthesize, and document information from different resources but also, was able to nurture invaluable relationships across numerous departments within the College. Mrs. Wareham also has gained tremendous experience through her work with the Chester Collaborative during the past two years. She has identified and directed numerous tasks associated with developing and facilitating the work of the Collaborative and has been responsible for keeping all the participants informed about one another's progress.