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Tanea Harris her own words

I was born in Delaware County Memorial Hospital, in Pennsylvania, on December 6, 1980 as Tanea Katrese Harris. I entered the world one minute after my twin, Danielle Alana Harris. We were born to Edgar and Joan Harris. Four years later I became an older sister when my brother, Sean Allen Harris, was born. At the age of four I attended Aldan Elementary School. My elementary school years were spent studying, practicing my floor and uneven bar routines, and looking through my microscope at whatever insect I could find in my backyard. I was positive that I was going to be an entomologist, but that soon changed.

My life began to take a different direction while attending Penn Wood East Junior High School. I have always loved and been interested in animals, so I took my interest further throughout my junior high school years. I bred and showed at 4-H fairs longhaired TeddyBear hamsters and Blue-Eyed White Jersey Wooly rabbits. I am presently raising Albino African frogs. I then attended Penn Wood High School in Landsdowne, Pennsylvania. Having been greatly interested in the medical profession, I participated in the Villanova Young Scholars Medical Program, which was funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, during the summer before my senior year. I completed biology and mathematics coursework and many laboratory experiments. In June of 1998, I graduated and shared the honor of being salutatorian with my sister.

My Swarthmore College career began in September of 1998. As a freshman, I joined the Swarthmore African American Student Society and went Latin dancing every Wednesday with other Swarthmore students. My sophomore year I declared my major and will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in May of 2002. That same year, I worked as an Admissions Intern to help recruit more minority students to Swarthmore College. I taught Spanish at Wallingford Elementary School in Wallingford, Pennsylvania during the fall semester of my junior year. I studied at the University of Bristol, in England, for the spring semester. I am now a senior at Swarthmore, and am presently working as a research assistant for the Center for Social and Policy Studies with a focus on urban school reform and rrivatization in Chester, Pennsylvania. Right now, I am working on my law school applications.