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Erica Kaufman

Erica Kaufman is a junior at Swarthmore College. A special major in honors political science and education and a concentrator in public policy, Erica's course work emphasizes school choice, educational reform and race relations in politics. Her primary area of expertise revolves around legal and policy issues in special education.

In her second year with the Center for Social Policy and Study, Ms. Kaufman continues to research the effect of privatization on both school districts and communities nationwide, with a specific emphasis on the impact of privatization on students and families with special needs. In addition, Ms. Kaufman concentrates on urban reform and the equity of education systems afforded to individuals living in minority communities.

A volunteer at the George Cruther's School for children with cerebral palsy, a member of the Swarthmore Women's Soccer Team and the Secretary for the Swarthmore College Democrats, Erica is excited to be back with the CSPS staff after an exhilarating semester abroad in Sweden.