"The Social Life of Post-Colonial & Indigenous Language Orthography"

When: Tuesday, April 22, 4:15pm
Where: Scheuer Room in Kohlberg Hall

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Bilingual ebooks in English and American Sign Language will be on display for anyone to come and enjoy

When: Friday, April 25 from 7 - 9pm
Where: Scheuer Room in Kohlberg Hall

RISE (Reading Involves Shared Experience) ebooks are produced by a collaboration of students at Gallaudet University and Swarthmore College, under the guidance of Prof. Gene Mirus and Prof. Donna Jo Napoli. They are designed to delight deaf children and the adults who share the books with them, whether those adults be comfortable signers or not. The goal is to promote shared reading, an experience that enhances developing literacy skills.

This event is cosponsored by the Deaf and Hearing Communication Center of Swarthmore, and the Linguistics Dept of Swarthmore College.