Collection of Final Papers on Inalienable Possession from Syntax Seminar, Spring 2010 (LING 107):
Case, Raising, and Affectedness in Inalienable Possession Constructions

Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Visiting Assistant Professor
Introduction [PDF]

Jenna McCreery ‘10
The Cases of Inalienability: A General Overview [PDF]

Madeleine Laupheimer ‘10
The German Possessor Dative in Alternation with the Accusative Case with Inalienably Possessed Objects in Prepositional Phrases: A Syntatic Puzzle [PDF]

Teal Patterson ‘11
Toward an Explanation for Case Alternation in Inalienable Possession Constructions in French [PDF]

Leland Paul Kusmer ‘11
The Mandarin External Possession Construction: A Possessor-Raising Account [PDF]


Final Student Projects from Introduction to the Lenápe Language, Spring 2009 (LING 015):

Full Verb Lenápe Dictionary by Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten '09 [PDF]

Lenápe–English/English–Lenápe Dictionary by Naomi Glassman '12 [PDF]

"The Mermaid" by C. F. Voegelin, paper written by Maureen Hoffmann '09 Bryn Mawr College [PDF]

Phonetics of the Lenápe Language by Rachel Killackey '12 [PDF]

An Adaption of the Bulbous Buffont song in Lenápe by Amira Batsheva Silver-Swartz '12 – click here to view video