Linguistics Tri-College Class of 2014



Carolyn Anderson, Swarthmore College

"I Talk It and I Feel It": Language Attitudes of Moroccan University Students [PDF]




Lisa Bao, Swarthmore College

Applying Translation Theory to a Corpus-Based Analysis of The Count of Monte Cristo [PDF]




Flora Berklein, Haverford College

Fortis/Lenis Affricates in Colonial and Modern Valley Zapotec [PDF]




Sofia Berlin, Bryn Mawr College






Shohini Bhattasali, Bryn Mawr College

Correlations between Sentiment Analysis of Movie Tweets, Film Critics Reviews, and Box Office Earnings [PDF]




Sarah Bristow, Bryn Mawr College

An Examination of American Pediatric Policy on Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children [PDF]




Marlon Cooper, Swarthmore College






Karuna Doraiswamy, Bryn Mawr College

Heritage Languages Among South Asian Americans [PDF]





Ivy Drexel, Bryn Mawr College

Animacy & Topicality on a Scale of Cultural Context [PDF]





Casey Ferrara, Swarthmore College






Laura Fitzgerald, Swarthmore College






Madison Garcia, Swarthmore College

Spanish-English Code Switching in Slam Poetry [PDF]





Chaney Harter, Bryn Mawr College

Are You Always this Stupid or Are You Making a Special Effort Today?: The Structure and Function of Conventional and Innovative Insulting Rhetorical Questions [PDF]





Anneke Heher, Haverford College

Ski Lingo: Iconic and indexical metaphors as the building blocks of specialized vocabulary [PDF]





Raminta Holden, Bryn Mawr College

Language influence in the acquisition of English by two Italian-speaking children: a case study [PDF]





Grace Leonard, Swarthmore College

A Comprehensive Review of Methods for Treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech [PDF]




Katherine Marcoux, Bryn Mawr College

'Pass on Catalan', or 'Pass on Catalan': An Analysis of Language Campaigns, Uses, Attitutes, and Ideologies Surounding the Catalan Language in Catalonia [PDF]



Frank Mondelli, Swarthmore College

A Preliminary Phonetic Analysis of Nasa Yuwe [PDF]




Maureen Murray, Swarthmore College

From Shibboleths to Shared Terminology? The Divisive Place Names of Northern Ireland [PDF]





Gregory Nisbet, Haverford College

Syntax and Semantics of Counterfactuals in Mandarin Chinese and English [PDF]




Kelsey Ryan, Haverford College

Tolkien's Tongues: The Phonetics and Phonology of Tolkien's Quenya Language [PDF]





Alison Ryland, Swarthmore College

A Phonetic Exploration of the English of Portland, Maine [PDF]





Joshua Servellon, Haverford College






Cristian Taborda, Swarthmore College






Laura Walker, Bryn Mawr College

Linguistic and Cultural Approaches to Menstruation Taboo and Euphemism [PDF]





Micah Walter, Haverford College

Morphosyntax and semantic type of noun phrases in Turkish [PDF]





Congwen Wang, Bryn Mawr College

A Sociophonetic Analysis of American Theater Speech as Exemplified by Katherine Hepburn's Filmography [PDF]





Mattie Wechsler, Bryn Mawr College

The Stacking Behavior of Valence-Increasing Verbal Extensions and Their Arguments in Shona [PDF]