Class of 2013 Theses


Celia Abernathy

Computational Generation of Referring Expressions Containing Relational Descriptions [PDF]





Charles Armstrong

Vox Evocative: Pinpointing a possible sociological strategy for the typing of the phonatory and articulatory features of a singing genre [PDF]




Hyuneui Cho (Haverford College)

Reduplication in Singapore Colloquial Language [PDF]





Reed Coke

A Corpus Study of Conjoined Comparatives [PDF]





Petra Currie

Gender Universals in Oneida and Cree [PDF]





Daniel Duncan

A Sociophonetic Analysis of Country Music [PDF]





Robin Duncan (Haverford College)

Declaration, Childhood Understanding, and the Contents of Natural Language [PDF]





Michael Fleischmann

Second Language Acquisition in Holocaust Refugees:  Where Political and Linguistic Identities Combine [PDF]





Christopher Geissler

Towards a Phonetic Description of Koro [PDF]





Miriam Goldstein

Maternal Depression as a Moderator and Mediator of ABFT for Suicidal Adolescents
(thesis written through the Department of Psychology)





Hannah Gotwals

Syllable Structures of Morocco: A Comparison of Syllabification in Moroccan Darija and Tashlhiyt Berber [PDF]





Khalia Grady

Deconstructing the Origins of Latin American Spanish: The Case for Ecuador [PDF]




William Hamilton-Levi

Noun Particle Phenomena in Korean [PDF]





Rachel Killackey

Statistical Machine Translation from English to Tuvan [PDF]





Lauren Kim

Exploring the Not-So-Honorific Faces of Honorific Prefix Particle [PDF]





Maury Lander-Portnoy (Haverford College)

Let Buguns be Buguns: A Preliminary Phonetics, Phonology, and Morphology of the Bugun Language [PDF]





Seyeon Lee

Korean Heritage Language Education in Philadelphia [PDF]





Katie McCormick (Bryn Mawr College)

Reviving Indigenous Voices: Ideologies, Naratives, and Methods [PDF]





Kathryn Montemurro

A Strong Lexicon Optimization Analysis of the Acholi Plural [PDF]





Zandalee Montero (Bryn Mawr College)

I know what you are, but what am I: Examining Japanese as a gendered language [PDF]





Daniel Niati

Fitting the Mold: Morphology of Yombe and Navajo Folktales [PDF]





Jacob Phillips

A Model and typology of reduplication in Sora [PDF]





Vanessa Sanchez (Bryn Mawr College)

Bakit-Why?An Analysis of the Sociolinguistic Motivations behind Taglish [PDF]





Benjamin Schwartz

When Letters Talk Back A Multi-Language Case Study of Ordinal Linguistic Personification [PDF]





Rebecca Schwartz (Haverford College)

Language attitudes and literacy education: seventeenth-century Paris and contemporary Philadelphia [PDF]





Victoria Sear (Bryn Mawr College)

Kanza and Osage: Language Materials, Revival and the Necessity for Phonetic Analysis [PDF]





Eugenia Sokolskaya

Serving Two Masters: Determining the Difference between a Translator and a Bilingual [PDF]





Emily Starace (Haverford College)

The Autoethnographic (De)Construction: How German writers of Turkish heritage manipulate the German language to reexamine ideas of national identity and -lingualism [PDF]




Hannah Turner (Haverford College)

Morpheme Use in Late Talkers at Age 5 [PDF]





Abigail Weathers

Hindi Particles and the Ergative Case [PDF]





Elizabeth Wiseman (Bryn Mawr College)

More than C's and V's. A Moraic Approach to Phonological Templates for Japanese Mimetics [PDF]