Class of 2012



Kristen Allen

I’m just talking with my generation: The crucial role of the first peer group in modeling initial lexical consensus [PDF]





Aparajita Bhattacharyya (Bryn Mawr College)

Polarity Sensitive Any in Bengali [PDF]




Allyson Bunch (Bryn Mawr College)

Textual Variation and the Representation of Dialect in Petronius’ Satyricon [PDF]





Andrew Cheng

Finding Remo: A Preliminary Phonetic Analysis of the Language [PDF]





Alexia Fawcett (Bryn Mawr College)

Documenting Language, Culture, and Cognition: Language and Space among the Waorani [PDF]





Eleanor Glewwe

Translating French Slang: A Study of Four French Novels and Their English Translations [PDF]





Jonathan Gluck

NLP Analysis of Folksonomies [PDF]





Lara Hasychak

Italian Vowels [PDF]





Marjorie Herbert

Pluralization in German Sign Language [PDF]




Franklin Huntington

Despite the great distance, existence unites the two: Translating the poetry of Fadwa Tuqan [PDF]





Jesse Ingber (Haverford College)

Language Rights and their Enforcement [PDF]




Andrew Jenness (Haverford College)

What is the Difference between an Undergraduate Thesis and a Riddle? Parsing the Linguistic and Cultural Structures of Folk Riddling [PDF]





Jennifer Johnson

Lexical Acculturation in Siletz Dee-ni [PDF]





Rachel Kachnycz (Bryn Mawr College)






Rebecca Knowles (Haverford College)

Vowel Harmony
Statistical Methods for Linguistic Analysis





Mary Lane (Haverford College)

English Loans in German and the Borrowing of Meaning [PDF]






Allison Letts (Haverford College)

The Intersection of the Phonologies of Standard American English and African American Vernacular English as Seen Through Orthography [PDF]




Rachel Lim (Haverford College)





Kathryn McCafferty

Linguistics of White Racism
Racist discourse strategy in US politics





Christina Obiajulu

Lyrical Insight: Looking at Changes in AAVE through Slave Spirituals, Blues and Rap [PDF]




Louise St. Amour (Haverford College)

Verbal Morphology of the Southern Unami Dialect of Lenape [PDF]





Amira Silver-Swartz

Lexical Variation in Italian Sign Language [PDF]





Maia Spencer (Bryn Mawr College)

A Watra E-trubu (The Water Gets Muddy): Creole Genesis and the Sranan Verbal System [PDF]





Sarah Theobald (Bryn Mawr College)






Zachary Wiener






Emma Wippermann (Bryn Mawr College)

METAPHORS FOR CHANGE Re-Metaphorizing the Metaphors We Live By [PDF]