Class of 2011


Rachel Carpenter (Bryn Mawr College)

Mind Your P’s and Q’s: Revisiting the Insular Celtic hypothesis through working towards an original phonetic reconstruction of Insular Celtic [PDF]





Megan Clark (Bryn Mawr College)

Co? Was? German-Polish Linguistic Attitudes in Frankfurt (Oder) [PDF]





Juliet Elizondo (Haverford College)

Not 2 Cryptic 2 DCode: Paralinguistic Restitution, Deletion, and Non-standard Orthography in Text Messages [PDF]





Melissa Emmerson






Julie Ershadi (Bryn Mawr College)

Persian Complex Predicates [PDF]





Allison Goldberg

Humor in American Sign Language [PDF]




Clara Gordon

From Speech to Screen: The Orthography of Colloquial Arabic
in Electronically-Mediated Communication





Sarah Hawkins

Moroccan Arabic Multiverb Constructions and the Verbal Prefix k- [PDF]






Calvin Ho

Heritage Language Loss in the Chinese Community in Argentina [PDF]





Alexandra Israel

Tales From Before the Long, Long Ago: A Study of Tuvan Ethnopoetics [PDF]





Louis Katz






Megan Kietzman-Nicklin (Haverford College)

"Trans-sexual-lation" A study in the power of language





Leland Kusmer

THERE IS NO FUTURE Diachronic Verbal Morphology in Fante Twi [PDF]





Sophia Lewicki

One Community, Many Identities: Language, Ethnicity, and Nationality among Bhutanese Refugees in South Philadelphia [PDF]





Cansada Martin (Haverford College)

On the Structure and Derivation of Twi Multi-Verb Constructions: Serialization Despite Multiple Clauses [PDF]





Teal Patterson

Clearly, it must be…: An analysis of theories surrounding clarity and epistemic must [PDF]





Alesha Polles (Bryn Mawr College)

Turning on “the light for communication” Intervention using the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for children with autism [PDF]





Juliana Reyes (Bryn Mawr College)

SECRETS OF TAGALOG HEADLINES REVEALED!: An examination of Tagalog headline




Michael Roswell

Muniche Talking Dictionary






Theresa Sepulveda

Matukar-Panau: A case study in language revitalization [PDF]






Nathan Shelton (Haverford College)

The Social Character of Belief [PDF]





Michael Shin

Horsin’ Around with Math: Content-Related Feedback in Math Pedagogy [PDF]




Amy Smolek

Vowel Harmony in Tuvan and Igbo: Statistical and Optimality Theoretic Analyses [PDF]





Christopher Stern

The Meaningless Phrase and the Empty Metaphor: An Examination of an Early “Viral Meme” [PDF]





Nemo Swift

The Grammar of Pitch in South Gyeongsang Korean [PDF]





Amalia Tsiongas

A Case Study in Greek/English Codeswitching






Rebecca Wright

A Linguistic and Literary Analysis of Two ASL Translations of Jabberwocky [html]