Class of 2010 Theses



Myles Dakan

The Indonesian Language as a result of wider communication [PDF]




Rebecca Findlay (Bryn Mawr College)

The Long and Short of It: Defense of Late Latin Poetry for Historical Romance Linguistics [PDF]





Daniel Friel

That Doesn't Count: The Interference of Language in the Development of Counting Mechanisms in English-Speaking Preschoolers [PDF]





Brian Hsu (Haverford College)

A long-distance dependency analysis of Mandarin bei-passives in LFG [PDF]






Mark Lewis

Writing Ideology and Writing Instruction: Five Elementary Teachers Describe Their Practice [PDF]





Ben Mazer

This is not a Free Clinic: How the Bureaucracy, Autonomy, and Poverty of Community Health Centers Influence their Language of Expectation [PDF]





Jenna K. McCreery

Mixed Utterances, Lexical Input, and the Danish Educational Plans for Non-Ethnic Danish Bilinguals [PDF]





Hazel Scott (Haverford College)

Pegs, Cords, and Ghuls: Meter of Classical Arabic Poetry [PDF]






Christopher J. Seitz-Brown






Naomi Sharlin (Bryn Mawr College)

Sounds Like...: Understanding Japanese Sound Symbolism [PDF]






Claire Shelden

Linguistic Ownership






Helen Stott

Helen's paper seeks to examine the notion of simplicity and its use in both linguistics and biology [PDF]