Class of 2008 Theses

Rebecca Black
The Acquisition of Syntax: An Overview and Case Study of L2 Japanese [PDF]

Micaya Clymer
Sounds Patterns and Meaning in Catalan Poetry: A Cognitive Analysis of Pre-and Post-Civil War Poems

Susannah Gund
Writing Mother Tongue: Moroccan Women and the Rise of Written Darija [PDF]

Jeffrey Kaufman
Dialectical Variation in Contra Dance [PDF]

Suzanne N. Landi
To "Err" is Human: The Nature of Phonological "Errors" in Language Development [PDF]

Kit La Touche
Struggling Languages in a Wired World: How Best to Use the Internet in Language Revitalization [PDF]

Masataka Murakami

Skye Rhodes-Robinson
The Feminization of French Profession Words [PDF]

Ronni Sadovsky
Intentions and Truth: A Case for Semantic Contextualism [PDF]

David Stifler
Greek and Mandarin Utterance Particles: A Comparative Anaysis [PDF]

Katie Trevino-Zimmerman
The Impact of Early Intervention Program on Young Children with Speech and Language Delay: Comparison and Analysis [PDF]

Laura Tupper
Proof and Prayer: A Characterization of Ritualized Persuasive Discourse [PDF]

Jessica WebsterLove
A Bare Grammar for Japanese [PDF]

Betsy Yen
Communication Deficiency in Adult MR [PDF]

Cherry Yum
Which Chinese? Dialect Choice in Philadelphia's Chinatown [PDF]