Class of 2005 Theses

Alexis Baird (BMC).
"Models of reduplication in Vietnamese". [PDF]

Carmen Barron.
"Developing a tool for analyzing structure-related elements such as discourse markers in casual conversation". [PDF]

Elena Cuffari.
"Cross-modal manifestations of metaphor: The many ways conceptual metaphor is present in American Sign Language & other relevant questions for the project of cognitive semantics". [PDF]

Kerstin Gentsch.
"English borrowings in German newspaper language: Motivations, frequencies, and types, on the basis of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Münchner Merkur, and Bild". [PDF]

Brighid Heenan (BMC).
"Is fearr Gaeilge bhriste ná Bearla cliste: Irish language revival in West Belfast, Northern Ireland". [PDF]

Greg Holt.
"Strategies of language revitalization in alignment with native pedagogical forms: Examples from Ahtna, Alaska". [PDF]

Margaret Hoyt (BMC).
"Substratum language interference: The effects of Pennsylvania German on the syntax of the American English spoken within Southeastern Pennsylvania". [PDF]

Joanne Kang (HC).
"The perception of non-native dialects among children and adults". [PDF]

Chris Schad.
"'O my Ga!': Light verbs, verbal nouns, and case marking in Japanese". [PDF]