Class of 2002 Theses

Jason Burton.

Pen-Pen Chen (BMC).

Amy Dibenedetto.
"The experience of Puerto Ricans in United States schools: A truly bilingual one?" [PDF]

Kevin Foley (HC).
"The behavior of morphemes like qie in Chinese: Morphologically or prosodically bound?" [PDF]

Matthew Feldman.
"African American Vernacular English in the lyrics of African American popular music" [PDF]

Karla Gilbride.
"The relationship between infant-directed prosody and indices of lexical acquisition at 15 months of age" [PDF]

Caroline Isaacs (HC).

Susan Lipsett (HC).
"Towards a unifed analysis of quite" [PDF]

Sonia Mariano.
"A study of the translation of discourse markers in Italian in Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone, by J.K. Rowling" [PDF]

Leah Samaru-Charles (BMC).
"Rule breaking in the language of advertising" [PDF]

Jason Skonieczny.

Jeffrey Wu.
"A quantitative comparison of disfluencies types between native and non-native English speakers in spontaneous speech" [PDF]