Class of 2001 Theses

Crystal Akers.

Henrike Blumenfeld (BMC).
"The resultative nature of the Mandarin Ba- construction and the German separable and inseparable prefix-constructions: A comparative study" [PDF]

Brianne Brown (BMC).
"Translucent meanings: The poetics of ASL poetry" [PDF]

Robin Fraser (BMC).
"Educational disadvantage through a sociolinguistic lens: A critical analysis of America Reads" [PDF]

George Gibbard.
"Generative approaches to syntactic typology" [PDF]

Christine Lattin.
"The potential of data sharing in quantitative sociolinguistics: /t,d/ deletion as a case study" [PDF]

Sean-Michael Lewis.
"Rethinking the existence of the thetic judgment" [PDF]

Kathryn Manz (HC).
"The effacement and vocalization of pre-consonantal l in Old French" [PDF]

Clarissa Pombo de Oliveira.

Sandhya Sundaresan (BMC).
"The peculiar particle Halt: A linguistic analysis" [PDF]

Jennifer Tyson.
"Acquiring a common dialect: The speech of military brats" [PDF]