Workshop in Honor of Ken Hale

University of New Mexico
Department of Linguistics
Saturday, March 8, 2008

Meetings are in Kiva lecture hall (building #69 at G-5 on the map)

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Parking info: parking is free on Saturdays in any of the "lettered" zones; parking is also available for $6 per day in building 198 (at I-5 on the map).





Elena Benedicto (Purdue University) and Mayangna Yulbarangyang Balna (Mayangna Linguists Team) "At the Intersection of Linguistic Research and Community Empowerment" Read by Ricard Vinas



Ellavina Perkins (Navajo Language Academy) "Navajo Passive"




MaryAnn Willie (University of Arizona) "Navajo Plurals"


 Lunch Break


Peggy Speas (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Ellavina Perkins (Navajo Language Academy), and Theodore B. Fernald  (Swarthmore College) "Categories Quantification in Navajo"



Ofelia Zepeda (University of Arizona)  "The Issue of Documentation of Native  American Languages with an Eye Toward Revitalization"

    3:45–4:00   Break

Paul Platero (University of New Mexico)  "Negative Polarity in Navajo"




 Theodore B. Fernald (Swarthmore College) and Ellavina Perkins(Navajo Language  Academy) " Complements, Modifiers, and Coordinate Structures"