Stat 61 - Schedule

Schedule: Swarthmore College - STAT 61, Probability and Mathematical Statistics I
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Week Date Text
period Chap.
1 3-Sep Mon Distribution of waiting times:  exponential distribution, continuous random variables
5-Sep Wed Sample spaces and event algebras 2.2
  7-Sep Fri Probability measures 2.3            
2 10-Sep Mon Conditional probability, Bayesian updates, updating search maps 2.4
12-Sep Wed Bayesian updates and the Scorpion Search
  14-Sep Fri Independence, independent trials, binomial experiments 2.5            
3 17-Sep Mon How to count.  Combinatorial probabilities.  Newton and Pepys 2.6, 2.7 Homework 1 due
19-Sep Wed Newton and Pepys.  More counting.  Random variables.
  21-Sep Fri Discrete random variables: pmf, cdf.  Binomial distributions. 3.2, 3.3            
4 24-Sep Mon (sick day) Sick day
26-Sep Wed Geometric, Poisson distributions.  Continuous r.v.s: pdf, cdf.   3.4 + part of 4.2, 4.4 Homework 2 due
  28-Sep Fri Uniform, exponential, normal distributions.  Expected values. 3.4, 3.5            
5 1-Oct Mon Mean, Variance, and Moments.  3.6, 3.9 Homework 3 due
3-Oct Wed More on particular distributions.  Transformations.  Normal and lognormal distributions. bits of 4
  5-Oct Fri Joint densities 3.7 Exam 1 available          
6 8-Oct Mon New variables from old, sums of random variables, convolutions 3.8, 3.9 Homework 4 due
10-Oct Wed Limits of binomials, sums of uniforms, sums of exponentials more of 4 Exam 1 due
  12-Oct Fri Central limit theorem.  How the stock market works. 4.3            
Fall Break                  
7 22-Oct Mon Poisson processes and waiting times 4.2 plus
24-Oct Wed More Poission processes 4.2, 4.6
  26-Oct Fri Moment-generating functions, characteristic functions 3.12 plus            
8 29-Oct Mon ESTIMATION: point estimators and their properties 5
31-Oct Wed Least squares, matching moments, maximum likelihood
  2-Nov Fri More on likelihood functions              
9 5-Nov Mon Confidence intervals
  9-Nov Fri                
10 12-Nov Mon Estimation and hypothesis testing with normal parameters 7
14-Nov Wed
  16-Nov Fri                
11 19-Nov Mon REGRESSION 11
  21-Nov Wed                
12 26-Nov Mon More regression
28-Nov Wed
  30-Nov Fri                
13 3-Dec Mon More applications
5-Dec Wed
  7-Dec Fri                
14 10-Dec Mon Review, class picture, class party              
End of Classes                  
  14-Dec Fri FINAL EXAM, 9am to noon