August 16, 2005

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Swarthmore College - Fall, 2007
Statistics 61 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics I

Class: Science Center L26, MWF 11:30-12:20am.

Instructor:   Walter Stromquist
   Office: Science Center 159.
   Office hours: tbd
   Phone: Cell 610-220-4382 (ok to leave messages).
   Office phone 610-690-6827 (please don't leave messages).
   For snow emergencies on class days, call the office phone 610-690-6827 after 9:30am.

Text:   Larsen and Marx, An Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and its Applications, 4rd ed., Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-186793-8.

Coverage:  We'll cover probability (chapters 2-4) during the first six or seven weeks, and then study estimation of parameters (chapters 5 and 7), hypothesis testing (chapters 6 and 7), and linear regression (chapter 11).

Web site:

Course requirements:
  Homework (about 15% of grade) - due weekly on Mondays. Collaboration is encouraged but you must prepare your own answers.
  Four interim exams (15% each) - Tentatively due Sept. 28, Oct. 26, Nov. 16, Dec. 7. Some will be self-scheduled or take-home.
  Final exam (25%)

From the catalog:  "This course introduces the mathematical theory of probability, including density functions and distribution functions, joint and marginal distributions, conditional probability, and expected value and variance. It then develops the theory of statistics, including parameter estimation and hypothesis testing. The emphasis is on proving results in mathematical statistics rather than on applying statistical methods. Students needing to learn applied statistics and data analysis should consider STAT 011 or 031 in addition or instead of this course."

Before 2006 this course was called STAT 53. It is the prerequisite for both the probability seminar (MATH 105) and the statistics seminar (STAT 111). The prerequisite for STAT 61 is some form of several-variable calculus (MATH 23, 33, or 34) or the consent of the instructor. Linear algebra is not a prerequisite.

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