Stat 11 - Schedule

Stat 11 (Section 3) - Schedule
as of January 21, 2008
week     topics… read…  
1 22-Jan Tu Displaying categorical variables:  data tables, freq. tables, bar & pie charts 1.1, pp. 1-10, 14-21
(skip stem-and-leaf)
  24-Jan Th Dispaying quantitative variables: dot plots, freq. tables with bins, histograms
Shapes of distributions
Numerical summaries: mean, median, percentiles, standard deviation…
1.2, pp. 40-56  
2 29-Jan Tu More shapes, Excel histograms, standardized variables 1.3, all (pp. 64-79)
  31-Jan Th Normal distributions  "  
3 5-Feb Tu Relationships between quantitative variables:  Scatterplots, correlations
(all about r)
Chapter 2
  7-Feb Th Linear regressions    
4 12-Feb Tu Collecting data (good and bad samples) Chapter 3
  14-Feb Th surveys and experiments    
5 19-Feb Tu Probability! Chapter 4
  21-Feb Th      
6 26-Feb Tu Coming attractions: exam 1 about now
  28-Feb Th   sampling distributions...
7 4-Mar Tu      condifence intervals
  statistical significance…
6-Mar Th   hypothesis tests…
    for means and proportions
    chi-square tests
        much more on regressions…    
  Spring Break      
8 18-Mar Tu
  20-Mar Th      
9 25-Mar Tu
  27-Mar Th      
10 1-Apr Tu
  3-Apr Th     exam 2 about now
11 8-Apr Tu
  10-Apr Th      
12 15-Apr Tu
  17-Apr Th      
13 22-Apr Tu
  24-Apr Th      
14 29-Apr Tu
  1-May Th     projects due about now
  Final Exams - May 4-13