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Swarthmore College - Spring, 2008
Statistics 11 - Statistical Methods

Class (Section 3): Science Center 181, TT  9:55-11:10 am.

Instructor:   Walter Stromquist
   Office: Science Center 159.
   Office hours: Tu-Wed-Thur, 1:30 - 3:30 pm.
   Phone: Cell 610-220-4382 (ok to leave messages).
   Office phone 610-690-6827 (please don't leave messages).
   For snow emergencies on class days, call office phone after 9:25am.

Text: Moore and McCabe, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 5th edition, W. H. Freeman, ISBN 0-7167-6400-8.

Software: We'll use Excel, and also introduce JMP during the first or second week. A calculator will help and can be used on exams.

Web site:

Course requirements:
  Homework and short quizzes (about 15% of grade) - Homework due weekly at start of class on Tuesdays. Collaboration on homework is encouraged but prepare your own answers.
  Two exams (20% each) - Tentatively scheduled in the evenings, with the other sections, Tuesday, Feb. 26 and Thursday, April 3.
  Final exam (30%)
  Projects (15%) - To be assigned about week 7.

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