Homework #6 - Due Friday, 11/9/2007

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Please answer clearly, in full sentences, on one side only of your own paper, leaving plenty of space for remarks by the graders. Staple your pages if you can. You may collaborate with others in and out of the class, but you must prepare your own answers. Papers are due at the start of class on Friday.

A. Chapter 17: Problems 17.2, 17.10, 17.20.

Actually do problem 17.2 as instructed --- that is, play the game 50 times and record the results. Working in groups is ok. We'll compare the results when we're done.

B. Chapter 18: Problems 18.2, 18.4, 18.8, and 18.18.

Also: If you can, work out the theoretical answers to problem 17.2. Again, groups are ok; we'll combine results.