Homework #3 - Due Friday, 10/5/2007

But first...please bring to class on 10/1 examples of graphics from printed sources (newspapers, magazines, texts, etc., not web graphics) that illustrate the principles discussed in Chapter 10. We'll award a prize for the best and worst graphics found. (Worst = confusing, misleading whether deliberately or not, or just ugly. Best = makes some point clear that might otherwise have been hard to convey.)

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Please answer clearly, in full sentences, on one side only of your own paper, leaving plenty of space for remarks by the graders. Staple your pages if you can. You may collaborate with others in and out of the class, but you must prepare your own answers. Papers are due at the start of class on Friday.

A. Chapter 8:

Problem 8.4: Answer parts a and b, and also:
c. Does return rate really measure customer satisfaction? Land's End advertises a generous no-questions-asked return policy, and in fact has a higher return rate than some comparable catalog operations. What does that indicate?

d. Could you draw conclusions about customer satisfaction from month-to-month changes in Land's End's return rate? Comparisons between product lines at Land's End?

Problem 8.9: Answer parts a, b, c.

Problem 8.16.

B. Chapter 9: READ problems 1 and 21; no need to turn them in.