Stat 1 - Schedule

Schedule: Swarthmore College - STAT 1, Statistical Thinking
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Week Date Text
period Chap.
1 3-Sep Mon Did the New York Times get means and medians wrong?
5-Sep Wed Sources of Data 1,2 Quiz on Ch. 1, 2
  7-Sep Fri Samples   Homework due Fridays    
2 10-Sep Mon Margin of error and confidence intervals 3,4 Chapter quizzes on Mondays
12-Sep Wed Sources of Error (more than just sampling error!)
  14-Sep Fri Let's start looking ahead at statistical graphics.   HW 1 due    
3 17-Sep Mon Experiments 5,6
19-Sep Wed More experiments
  21-Sep Fri This is a good day to talk about PowerPoint poster templates and sources of project ideas.   HW 2 due    
4 24-Sep Mon Sick day - no class 7,8
26-Sep Wed Statistical ethics:  Tell the truth, don't harm subjects, respect confidentiality, admit doubts
  28-Sep Fri More ethics        
5 1-Oct Mon Measurement issues.  Very small oil fields. 9,10
3-Oct Wed Getting serious about graphics
  5-Oct Fri Getting more serious about graphics   HW 3 due    
6 8-Oct Mon Means, medians, quartiles, percentiles, containment intervals, trimmed means, IQR's, standard deviations 11,12
10-Oct Wed More about numerical measures
  12-Oct Fri More numerical measures        
Fall Break            
7 22-Oct Mon On being normal 13 only
24-Oct Wed Standardized scores.  More on normal distributions. Project topic meetings
  26-Oct Fri Scatterplots and correlation   HW 4 due    
8 29-Oct Mon Regression and relationships 14,15
31-Oct Wed Economic statistics, measures of inflation
  2-Nov Fri Tax statistics 16      
9 5-Nov Mon PROBABILITY WEEK 17,18
7-Nov Wed
  9-Nov Fri     Project mockups due  
10 12-Nov Mon PROBABILITY WEEK 19,20
14-Nov Wed
  16-Nov Fri     Exam 2    
11 19-Nov Mon On being confident 20
  21-Nov Wed          
12 26-Nov Mon On being significant 22,23
28-Nov Wed Some standard significance tests
  30-Nov Fri Some cookbook methods: t-tests, chi-square tests   Projects due    
13 3-Dec Mon Project presentations, more standard methods 24 Project presentations
5-Dec Wed
  7-Dec Fri          
14 10-Dec Mon Review, class picture, class party        
End of Classes            
  17-Dec Mon FINAL EXAM 9am to noon