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12/2/07 - Congratulations to all eight Swarthmore participants in the 2007 Putnam! Fame and fortune await, but not till March. Meanwhile, the problems and solutions are posted at the Putnam Archive site (link above).

12/2/07 - Documents from the Klein Bottle competition:
2007competition.doc - The problems; 1-page Word document.
2007competition-answers.doc - The solutions; 5-page Word document.
2007winners.doc - The winners; 1-page Word document.

The winner of the Klein Bottle is Yilung Dong; second place goes to Adam Lizzi. Congratulations to all ten participants (one from Bryn Mawr College). The problems were hard; the people who took both this exam and the 2006 Putnam scored more points on the Putnam. (But then, there were twice as many problems on the Putnam.)

9/17/07 - One more set of number theory problems, for tomorrow night, including some actual Putnam problems: web version    WORD version.

9/4/07 - Number theory problems for tonight: web version     WORD version
Number theory problems for next week: web version     WORD version

The 2007 problem seminar will meet to organize on Tuesday, September 4 at 7pm in Sci.Ctr. 149. There will be refereshments. Click here for the poster! (WORD version)

One possibility is that we'll start from the beginning of the new book, "104 Number Theory Problems," by Titu Adreescu, Dorin Andrica, and Zuming Feng, which contains problems they use for Olympiad training. Here are two of their problems:

  • "Let 1, 4,... and 9, 16,... be two arithmetic progressions. The set S is the union of the first 2007 terms of each sequence. How many distinct numbers are in S?"
  • "What is the largest positive integer n for which n^3 + 100 is divisible by n+100 ?" ("n^3" means n cubed.)

    Do we want to meet at 6 or so, and ask Dining Services to provide box dinners? Apparently they won't provide pizzas.

    The 2007 Putnam Competition is on Saturday, December 1, 2007.

    Eventually these six books will find their way to the reserve shelf in the library:

    Kedlaya, Poonen, Vakil, "The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition 1985-2000...," MAA 2002, ISBN 0-88385-807-X
    Alexanderson, Klosinski, Larson, "The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition...1965-1984," MAA 1985, ISBN 0-88385-441-4
    Gleason, Greenwood, Kelly, "The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition...1938-1964," MAA 1980, ISBN 0-88385-428-7

    Coxeter, "Geometry Revisited"
    Barbeau, "Polynomials," Springer 1989, ISBN 0-387-40627-1
    Steele, "A Cauchy-Schwarz Master Class"

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