September 2, 2007

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Swarthmore College - Fall, 2007
Math 56 - Modeling

Class: Science Center 145, TT 11:20am-12:35pm

Instructor:   Walter Stromquist
   Office: Science Center 159.
   Office hours: Tu-Thur 1:30-3:30 or whenever.
   Phone: Cell 610-220-4382 (ok to leave messages).
   Office phone 610-690-6827 (please don't leave messages).
   For snow emergencies on class days, call the office phone 610-690-6827 after 9:30am.

Text:  Maki and Thompson, Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation, Thompson-Brooks/Cole, 2005, ISBN 0-534-38478-1.

Web site:

Course requirements:  Homework (30% of grade), class participation (10%), two interim exams (probably takehome, due about October 9 and November 13; 30% total), final project paper (30%), no final exam (0%).

From the catalog:  "An introduction to the methods and attitudes of mathematical modeling. Because modeling in physical science and engineering is already taught in courses in those disciplines, applications in this course will be primarily to social and biological sciences. Various standard methods used in modeling will be introduced: differential equations, Markov chains, game theory, graph theory, and computer simulation. The emphasis, however, will be on how to apply these subjects to specific modeling problems, not on their systematic theory. The format of the course will include projects as well as lectures and problem sets."

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