GRE prep (math subject exam)

Here's the OLD math practice book (selected pages including practice exam). This isn't the "rescaled" test, so is no longer distributed by ETS, but it's still the second-best practice exam for giving a clue about what is really on the test.
-> old-gre-practice.pdf (pdf, about 29 pages, 600KB)

This page is for Swarthmore students interested in the GRE prep session(s), tentatively scheduled for Wed. evening(s), Oct. 10 and (maybe) 24, 7-8:30pm, in the Math/Stat seminar room.

These sessions are for the MATH SUBJECT EXAM, not the general GRE exams (which include a quantitative part). The Math Subject exam will be given on November 3, 2007, and April 12, 2008. (Registration is closed for the Oct 6 exam. As this is written you can still try to register late for the Nov. 3 exam.)

Here's a link to the official ETS site...

and to their official preparation booklet for the Math Subject Exam...

and to same official preparation booklet on Swarthmore's server...

The official preparation booklet contains a practice exam, which consists of 66 multiple choice questions and which is to be taken in 170 minutes. It's the only current official practice exam. Princeton Review has practice exams, too, which are good practice but not as good an indication of what will be on the actual exam. We also have an old practice exam from ETS, which we'll talk about during the first review session.