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GRE Prep


  • The RO(Z/2)-graded Cohomology of Moore Spaces for Cyclic Groups. Joint with Chad Giusti (in progress. Last update: 01/30/2010) pdf

  • The RO(G)-graded Serre Spectral Sequence. Accepted to Homology, Homotopy and Applications. pdf

  • A Freeness Theorem for RO(Z/2)-graded Cohomology. Topology Appl. 157 (2010), 902-915. pdf

  • Tournaments with a Transitive Tournament as a Feedback Arc Set. Cong. Num. 158 (2002), 51-58 pdf



The Future of Art - Direct Collaboration with Math & Science
Aaron Bocanegra (SCI-Arc)
4:30pm, Tuesday, February 16
Science Center 199
This Colloquium talk is co-sponsered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics and the Art Department.


Ph.D. Univesity of Oregon, 2008. My advisor was Dan Dugger.

M.S. University of Oregon, 2004.

B.S. Rochester Institute of Technology, 2002. My undergraduate research advisor was Darren Narayan.


My broad research field is Algebraic Topology. My dissertation involved studying the equivariant cohomology of spaces with a Z/2 action. I have restricted my attention to studying Rep(Z/2)-complexes, an equivariant analogue of CW-complexes. Chad Giusti (University of Oregon) and I have a project where we are computing equivariant cohomology for certain Rep(Z/2)-complexes. 

I've recently begun to expand my research interests to the new and growing field of Applied Algebraic Topology.


I am currently collaborating with Aaron Bocanegra (SCI-Arc) on an interactive math/art project where techniques and results in Applied Algebraic Topology are used to collect geometric information from a sensor network which are then fed back into the exhibit to affect the environment. Swarthmore undergraduate Kyle Skolfield '10 helped us over summer of 2009 with programming some of the algorithms used in this project.


Aside from mathematics, I also enjoy ultimate frisbee, cooking, home brewing, the Buffalo Sabres, and playing games, lately cribbage and scrabble.

My cousin Brandt Kronholm is also a mathematician.