As a student I was fortunate to have a series of spectacular educators who instilled in me a sense of wonder and excitement for the the study of biology. These educators have inspired me to pursue a career in higher education. I have taught at a variety of institutions, from R1 schools, to liberal arts colleges, to a biological field station. I have found that across institutions, students already possess a deep sense of curiosity and excitement about living things, and our challenge as educators is to help students to develop this innate curiosity so that they can ask informed questions about the world around them. My ultimate goal is to secure a tenure track position at a liberal arts institution that values and supports undergraduate research. I truly enjoy collaborating with undergraduate students and I have been fortunate enough to have mentored some extraordinary students in the past few years.


The Beetles.

The beetle group shows off their custom made T-shirts commemorating their time in my Molecular Ecology and Evolution Seminar at Swarthmore College

Teaching Experience:

Visiting Research Associate Professor, University of Virginia, Fall 2008-2010
    • Experimental And Investigative Evolution - a laboratory based course that included        a field trip to Mountain Lake Biological Station.
    • Molecular Ecology and Evolution - . Although this was a laboratory course, we        spent the first hour each week reading and discussing current literature from        molecular ecology and evolution journals. Students chose their own papers and        then lead one hour discussions. The majority of the lab time is spent working on        independent projects.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Swarthmore College Fall 2007-Summer 2008
    • Evolution with laboratory component
    • Population and Organismal biology (team taught w/ laboratory component),
    • Honors Seminar in Molecular Ecology and Evolution

Faculty, Mountain Lake Biological Station - Summer 2007
     • Ecological Applications of GIS - a four week intensive graduate/undergraduate        cross listed course devoted to the use of computer mapping and GPS technology        both in lab and the field.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Gettysburg College 2006-2007
     • Introduction to Ecology and Evolution with laboratory component (for majors)
     • Introduction To Molecules, Genes And Cells (for non-majors)
     • Coordinated laboratory sections for Introduction to Form and Function




A poster for my Honors Seminar at Swarthmore College