Information on some previous courses

In the menu to the right and in the links below you may find information on some previous courses for which I made web pages. However, be warned: The information is fragmentary and spottily maintained at best. If you find yourself in need (or just want) of anything which isn't here or isn't fully here, please feel free to email me.

Course Info

Spring 2005
Math 18
Fall 2004
Math 106
Math 49
Math 97
Fall '01 through Spring '04 under construction.
Spring Semester 2001
Math 97 Conference
Math 37 Number Theory
Math6AB(3) Calculus I A&B Section 3
Fall 1999
Math 18(2)
Math 49
Spring Semester 1998
Math 18(1)
Math 104
Math 199: Senior Honors Study
Fall Semester 1997
Math 6b(2)
Math 6d
Spring Semester 1997
Math 6a(1)
Math 6b(1)
Math 18(2)
Math 103
Fall 1996
Math 5
Math 9
Spring 1996
Fragment from Math 101
I made no web pages for earlier courses.

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