Schedule for Math 97 Fall 2004
Date Time Place Event Description Event Title
Tue, Aug 31 4:15 SC 149 Class Meeting: Introductions.
Tue, Sep 7 4:15 TBA Science Librarian Meg Spencer Cornell Library orientation. Meet at 4:15 in Cornell (specific location TBA).
Tue, Sep 14 4:00 SC 199 Colloquium: Herb Wilf
Fri, Sep 17 Paper topic due by 4:00pm. Hand in a one-page description of your topic including the main ideas or results you plan to cover. Also include a tentative list of references.
Tue, Sep 21 4:00 SC 199 Colloquium: Shelley Costa
Tue, Sep 28 4:00 SC 199 Colloquium: Art Benjamin
Tue, Oct 5 4:15 SC 149 Class Meeting: Progress reports to whole group
Tue, Oct 12 Fall Break
Tue, Oct 19 4:15 SC 149 Class Meeting: Steve Wang: Giving talks with overheads
Fri, Oct 22 Detailed outline of paper due by 4:00pm. At this point, you should have a clear idea of the scope of your paper and a more definitive bibliography. The outline should be about three pages long.
Tue, Oct 26 4:00 SC 199 Colloquium: Evelyn Sander
Tue, Nov 2 Colloquium or Class Meeting
Fri, Nov 5 First draft due by 4:00pm.
Tue, Nov 9 4:00 SC 199 Colloquium: Josh Sabloff
Wed, Nov 10 Practice talks begin.
Thu, Nov 18 4:15SC 101 Lauren Willis Counting Triangles to Explain Physics
4:50 SC 101 Rachel Thomas Cantor Sets: They are all the same and some are different.
5:25 SC 101 Jordan Rosen The mathematics of Rubik's Cube
Tue, Nov 23 4:15 SC 199 Katherine Morrison Huffman Coding and Data Compression
4:50 SC 199 David McCandlish Voting Theory and Arrow's Theorem
5:25 SC 199 Daniel Keys Godel's Incompleteness theorem
Thu, Nov 25 Thanksgiving break
Tue, Nov 30 4:15 SC 199 Ante Jelcic Principal Component Analysis
4:50 SC 199 America Holloway Julia Sets
5:25 SC 199 Tanya Hahnel Combinatorial Surfaces
Thu, Dec 2 4:15 SC 101 Adam Gerber Splines and approximation
4:50 SC 101 Elizabeth Gardner Knot Theory
5:25 SC 101 Laurel Evans City Planning and Graph Theory
Tue, Dec 7 4:15 SC 101 Brian Cronin Coloring and links
4:50 SC 101 Amber Cameron Elliptic Curves
5:25 SC 101 Lillian Ray Flocking
6:00 SC 101 Jonathan Schneider Flat Foldability
Fri, Dec 10 Final version of paper due by 4:00pm

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