Strath Haven High School Statistics Fair (Spring 2016)
photo of Steve Wang

Steve gave a talk on statistics and paleontology for over 200 AP Stat, AP Bio, and other students for the Statistics Fair at Strath Haven High School in the local Wallingford-Swarthmore School District.

Science for Kids (Summer 2013)

photo of Linda Gai

In Summer 2013, our research group helped out with Science for Kids, an HHMI-supported summer science program run in collaboration with the Chester Children's Chorus. Science for Kids provides hands-on activities and labs for children from Chester-Upland schools, an underserved district near Swarthmore.

photo of Chengying Wang

We worked with Jocelyne Noveral's Science 3 (Biology) class. Linda Gai '14 (above) and Chengying Wang '15 (right) helped out as teaching assistants/counselors, and Steve created a geological time scale activity.

photo of Susannah Porter

Susannah Porter (UCSB) also gave a guest lecture on dinosaurs while visiting Swarthmore for our research group meeting.

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