Skype a Scientist (Fall 2017)

Skype a Scientist
Steve participated in the Skype a Scientist program, chatting with Ms. Mathiesen's 6th grade class from Hillside Elementary School in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Strath Haven High School Statistics Fair (Spring 2016)
photo of Steve Wang

Steve gave a talk on statistics and paleontology for over 200 AP Stat, AP Bio, and other students for the Statistics Fair at Strath Haven High School in the local Wallingford-Swarthmore School District.

Science for Kids (Summer 2013)

photo of Linda Gai

In Summer 2013, our research group helped out with Science for Kids, an HHMI-supported summer science program run in collaboration with the Chester Children's Chorus. Science for Kids provides hands-on activities and labs for children from Chester-Upland schools, an underserved district near Swarthmore.

photo of Chengying Wang

We worked with Jocelyne Noveral's Science 3 (Biology) class. Linda Gai '14 (above) and Chengying Wang '15 (right) helped out as teaching assistants/counselors, and Steve created a geological time scale activity.

photo of Susannah Porter

Susannah Porter (UCSB) also gave a guest lecture on dinosaurs while visiting Swarthmore for our research group meeting.

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