Math 143: Elementary Statistics and Data Analysis, Fall 1998

Last update: 1:45 pm, Wed, 16 December 1998

***NEW*** I'm planning to hold a review session Wednesday from 4:00 to 5:00 in Bronfman 106. This is in addition to my extra office hours that I announced before, which run from Wed 2:30 to 4:00. I'm not going to give a lecture or anything; I'll just answer questions, so bring things to ask about!

The Final Exam will be held on Thursday, 17 December, 9:30 am - 12 noon in Bronfman 002. It will cover the entire course, but at least 2/3 of the exam will cover the material since midterm 2.

Studying for the final exam: the final will be similar in spirit to the midterms and homework, so I'd recommend reviewing those. Since a good portion of the final will be multiple-choice or short-answer, you should be prepared for some questions in a different format from what you've seen in the past. All the material on the final will be concepts that we've covered in lectures or homeworks, but do expect to see the same ideas asked about in different ways.

Don't forget that the HW and exam solutions, as well as extra copies of handouts and unclaimed homeworks, are in the course reserve box in the math library in Bronfman. This includes HW 10.

Updated course syllabus

Revised project grades. As a whole, the projects were excellent, and I was impressed. The table contains my grades in the areas of Presentaiton, Statistical Content, and Subject Matter Content (all out of 10), and my final (scaled) grade (out of 100); and the grades given by your peers (average = 10) with the lowest and highest scores dropped, and the final (scaled) peer grade. The total grade is the mean of my grade and the peer grade. (Note that I accounted for the fact that one project was missing when the scaled scores were calculated.) For more information, see the grading handout that was given out today. UPDATE: I have revised the scaling formula slightly to scale the project grades a few points higher. Everyone did a great job, and I've moved the grades upwards a bit to reflect that. I've left the projects downstairs for now so that you can pick them up any time the building is open.

Updated Math 143 project groups

The TA sessions will not be held during reading period. Steve will have his regularly scheduled office hours on Monday 2:30-4:00, as well as additional office hours Wednesday afternoon 2:30-4:00. You can always email or call me to make an appointment, too. Of course, you can always get in touch with the three of us by email or phone, as usual.

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