Math 100 Fall 1998 topics covered

section topics
1.2 fractions
1.3 order of operations (PEMDAS)
1.4 negative numbers, exponents
1.6 absolute value, inequalities
2.1 solving equations
2.2 word problems
2.3 word problems with formulas
2.4 solving inequalities
2.5 absolute values
3.1-3.4 word problems
4.1 polynomials, exponents
4.2 adding and subtracting polynomials
4.3 multiplying polynomials, FOIL
4.4 factoring
4.5 more factoring
4.6 long division of polynomials
5.1 simplifying fractions
5.2 multiplying and dividing fractions
5.3 adding and subtracting fractions
5.4 fractions within a fraction
5.5 equations and inequalities with fractions
5.6 word problems on work
5.7 ratios and proportions
6.2 functions
6.3 graphing functions
7.1 slope
7.2 point-slope and slope-intercept forms
7.3 horizontal and vertical lines
  parallel and perpendicular lines
7.4 inequalities with lines
8.1 exponents
8.2 zero and negative exponents
8.3 fractional exponents and radicals
8.4 simplifying radicals
8.5 adding and subtracting radicals
  multiplying and dividing radicals
  rationalizing the denominator
11.3 logarithms
11.4 properties of logs
11.5 log and exponential equations
9.1 solving simple quadratics
  solving quadratics by factoring
  completing the square
9.2 the quadratic formula
13.1 solving systems of equations by graphing
  solving systems of equations by substitution
13.2 solving systems of equations by elimination
  radians and degrees
  sine and cosine
  30-60-90 and 45-45-90 triangles

Topics to skip

There are various sections of the book that we did not cover. These include factoring the sum/difference of two cubes (p. 128), change of base for logs (p. 406), word problems for logs (p. 411), complex/imaginary numbers ("i"), which appear throughout the book (see, for instance, example (c) on p. 300), and completing the square for quadratic equations for which the coefficient of x-squared is not 1 (example 5 on p. 304). Such topics will not be covered on the final exam. If in doubt about whether something might be covered, don't hesitate to ask me.

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