Math 100: Quantitative Sciences, Fall 1998

Last update: 12:15 am, Wednesday, 16 December 1998

The Final Exam will be held on Thursday, 17 December, at 9:30 am in Bronfman 104. It will cover the entire course. The exam is closed-book and closed-note. You do not have to memorize the quadratic formula; I will give that to you. Calculators are allowed (but will probably not be that helpful), although you may not use your calculator for graphing.

Here is the course syllabus, listing the topics we covered in the order we covered them, and the corresponding sections of the book. Note the list of Topics to Skip at the bottom.

Studying for the final exam: the final will be similar in spirit to the midterms and homework, so I'd recommend reviewing those. There will be some word problems, but not a huge number. The overall format will be similar to the midterms. I don't intend to trick you or invent new questions unlike those you've done in the assignments; the final is meant to be a straightforward evaluation of the skills you've learned this semester.

Exam week office hours: MW 2:30-4:00, or by appointment. The usual Tuesday night review session is at 8:00 pm in Bronfman 107

Midterm and quiz solutions are on reserve in the course reserve box in the Bronfman math library (2nd floor, enter the library and take a left; look for boxes near the end of the wall on your left).

Graded midterm 4's are in an envelope in the course reserve box. (The grades are at the bottom and your names are at the top, so you should be able to pick yours up without seeing anyone else's grade).

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